~Happy New Year~ January 1, 2011 {1/1/11}


Happy New Year!!!

I'm not making any resolutions this year because I tend to break them by March right along with everyone else. Instead of resolutions, I am making a commitment to myself, my happiness, and my dreams. I am done working well past 5 o'clock and leaving no time or energy for my own interests. 

In 2011 work will remain at work and whatever doesn't get done...well there is always the next day. I have things to do ;-)

In 2011 I would love to recapture the fearless, adventuresome spirit I had as a little girl. Somewhere in life I lost that zeal and began playing it way too safe (i.e. boring). I am done playing by the rules - it's time to have some fun.

So here's to a fabulous and prosperous 2011. May all our dreams come true!!!



Literary Marie said...

Good job making a commitment to a happier you in 2011. Resolutions are made to be broken anyway.

Love the quote and pic too!

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