Haute Bag Lady Bag of The Week: Dooney & Bourke


Oh Dooney and Bourke, how I used to really like your bags. In high school, D&B bags were the low bag on the totem pole. Coach, Gucci, and Fendi were the "It" bags during that time. I have only owned two D&B bags in my life.

The Classic Satchel has caused me to rethink this legendary brand which has been somewhat quiet in recent years. The bag sells for $195 and comes in twelve colors.

The buttery soft calfskin, contrasting trim and simple logo make this classic style a win-win. Every woman should have a satchel style handbag. I think I'll add Dooney and Bourke back to my handbag watch list ;~)


Literary Marie said...

I am feeling this classic D&B bag.

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