A Life of Style: Midday Oil Crisis


Having oily skin gets on my nerves. Usually by 11 a.m. I whip out my purse mirror and sure enough my forehead is gleaming and my nose is glowing. The midday oil crisis has reigned its shiny terror all over an otherwise cute face.

Blotting tissues in my purse are a must have at all times.
I alternate between the Tea Tree Oil Facial Blotting Tissues and Boscia Blotting Linens. Both products deliver their promised results of absorbing oil and leaving my makeup in tact. I only wish the Tea Tree Oil tissues were larger to cover more of my face. I have to use two or three at a time as opposed to one Boscia Linen. The sheets are $10 and you get 65 Tea Tree Oil sheets and 100 Boscia Linens.
If you're an oily gal, how do you combat your midday oil crisis?


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