A Life of Style: Vanilla Passion


Vanilla is such a soothing scent and I absolutely adore it. Whenever a fragrant vanilla wafts my way, I instantly feel all warm and cozy. During the winter months, my apartment is a vanilla haven. I have soy vanilla candles, vanilla reed diffusers, and the very vanilla scentstories disc for my Scentstories player. Its vanilla overload and I love it. As soon as I step inside my apartment I take a deep breath and smile. That's the power of scent at work.

For my birthday this year, my good friend gave me the Vanilla Spice Joyful Times gift set (pictured above) from The Body Shop. The set contains: Body Butter, Shower Gel, Body Polish, Mini Votive Candle, and a Two-tone Bath Lily Mesh Sponge. I used the shower gel, body polish and body butter the next day. The scent filled my bathroom and I was taken to a new level of vanilla love. Vanilla Spice is a warm, passionate, almost musky scent. The body butter is so decadent and smooth. It melts into the skin and leaves a great sheen.

I needed a body splash to compliment the set, so I stopped by The Body Shop and purchased the Vanilla Body Mist. It's a perfect compliment to my Vanilla Spice products. The body butter and mist are great pick me ups during a very dreadful Chicago winter.

Vanilla Rocks!!!! Yeah!!!!


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