A Life of Style: Beyonce & Jay-Z


Rarely do I post anything about celebs but I couldn't let any of this go.

WTF is up with Beyonce's hair? The roots are clearly in need of service and her weave is going in all four directions looking as if it wants to lift off her head altogther. Was there not enough time to grab a brush and smooth this mess into a chic low chignon?
Jay-Z, Jay-Z, Jay-Z...Hova, what's wrong? *sigh* The glasses. You have been rocking those Mr. Peabody frames for too damn long and it must stop. Now I too wear glasses for reading and watching TV so I can totally sympathize if you in fact are near sighted or far sighted but ummm...these frames are just not you. If anyone from Oliver Peoples is reading this, holla at Hov please.
These pictures were snapped last night at the premiere of "Notorious". Beyonce's "hair" looked a ragged mess and her husband looked as though he came straight from the studio or a very thought provoking lecture at NYU. I can't call it.
Not too long ago, Mrs. Knowles Carter was quoted in Seventeen magazine saying "I've been wearing my hair straight without any extensions." Yeah okay...
We all know Beyonce has a "special relationship" with the truth and even Stevie Wonder can see she has a weave.
Try again Bey and Jay-Z let the glasses go.


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