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Jewelry Designer Bridget Lynne Nielsen Introduces an Elegant and Airy Collection Straight from Nature New York, NY (April 24, 2008) – Summer is ripe with lush green trees and flowers are beginning to bloom. With the heavy air of winter finally lifting, women everywhere are ready to update their wardrobes and embrace the spring trends showcased on the fashion runways in New York and Paris . Floral prints and nature-inspired accessories are taking center stage this season; and Canadian jewelry designer Bridget Lynne Nielsen is keeping ahead of the curve with a stunning Spring-Summer Collection that isn’t just inspired by nature, but is plucked straight from nature itself! Bridget Lynne Nielsen is the designer and visionary behind Bridget Lynne Designs, an up-and-coming jewelry line that is accented by leaf jewelry hand-dipped in gold and silver. Each item is handmade to order and no two leaves are ever the same. “This spring’s designs are all about getting back to your roots,” says Bridget Lynne, “not only is fashion more fluid and in-tune with the body, but it allows for jewelry to truly take center stage.” Bold accents, statement necklaces, and pieces reminiscent of Grecian gods and goddesses are all found in the Spring-Summer Collection by Bridget Lynne Designs.

According to Bridget Lynne, “summertime is the perfect backdrop for light and breezy styles, and each of my pieces is meant to go from day to night effortlessly.” Whether on vacation or attending an outdoor cocktail party after work, the most important detail is in the accessories and Bridget Lynne Designs helps bridge the gap with little effort required!

About Bridget Lynne Designs
In an age of “I want it now, I needed it yesterday,” Bridget Lynne Designs is a refreshing break from mass production. All items of jewelry are handmade to order, keeping Bridget Lynne Designs closely tied to the lost art form of jewelry making. Bridget Lynne feels that by creating a precious and high quality piece of jewelry, clients are not only getting timeless jewelry, but truly wearable works of art. Bridget Lynne Designs are meant to be worn all year long, no matter the season. Her eclectic approach to design is what makes her pieces appealing to many different styles. Bridget Lynne transforms the natural world into wearable works of art, mixing natural gemstones and crystals with pearls, quartz and high karat gold. The combination of elements unique to Bridget Lynne’s work reminds a wearer or an admirer of the power, beauty, and significance of the natural world we live in and creates an effortlessly glamorous look. For more information, please visit

About Bridget Lynne Nielsen
Bridget Lynne Nielsen was raised in Upstate New York and from an early age she developed a passion for gemstone jewelry. Throughout her youth and teens, Bridget Lynne created jewelry as a hobby and after graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in Business, she decided to turn her passion for nature-inspired jewelry into business by creating Bridget Lynne Designs. Bridget Lynne founded Bridget Lynne Designs in 2007 and works from her private studio in Manitoba , Canada , where she hand-makes every jewelry piece to order.

According to Bridget Lynne, accessory design should be rooted in quality and craftsmanship. She imports all of her gemstones from India and hand picks the most vibrant and beautiful colors to compliment a variety of taste and styles. Each Bridget Lynne Designs piece is created to last well beyond one season and to be wearable for any occasion. Bridget Lynne strives to “take looks from the past that are in tune with the present, with a vision toward the future.” With that vision in mind, all of Bridget Lynne’s items are designed to be on the cutting edge of style while maintaining customer satisfaction and providing quality products. Bridget Lynne believes it is important to be a leader instead of following trends – and through her timeless collection of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, fans of Bridget Lynne Designs will always have a special piece that never loses its sparkle.


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