New Feature!!!! My Life of Style


I've decided on a new blog feature, My Life of Style, a monthly wrap up of what I'm into, what I think is hip, happening, haute/hot. Here's the first MLOS, enjoy!!!!

Books: Currently reading Sushi For Beginners by Marian Keyes

Fashion: Funky jackets, finding my current favorite jeans, ON Diva jeans, and J. Crew Peep Toe Mary Janes in Autumn Berry.

Film/TV: As soon as I have an afternoon free I'm going to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I also plan to see Made of Honor with Patrick Dempsey. Did you guys peep Kadeem Hardison who has a role as one of Patrick's buddies in the film? And I would be remiss if I failed to mention the Sex and the City movie, I've waited so long for this!!!!

I'm so glad the writers strike is over. I was frantic for The Game to come back on. I'm team Melanie by the way...can't wait until Team Melanie + Derwin is a go again. I'm happy about the return of Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy as well.

Music: Day 26, Discipline, Runaway by Boomkat, and Pink Martini's Hey Eugene

Products (Beauty): I'm currently searching for an organic mascara, any suggestions? Creative Nail Design Stickey, the best base coat in the world. I've been using this for years and my manis and pedis really last without so much as a chip. Bright nail polish, I just bought a gorgeous shade from Milani called Cool Vibe. It's so bright and bold. OPI has a new shade called Hey! Get In Lime!


Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

I think Burts Bees has one but you might need to go to Whole Foods or some natural foods store for it and the brand 100% Pure is organic I believe...

I caught The Game last night...was that so good when Derwin and Melanie hooked up?! lol! And I loved that she looked super gorge when he saw her in the store. Sweet! She got marrid this weekend you know.

Kim said...

I was SO EXCITED when Melanie showed up at Derwin's door. You know that was just a teaser and they will drag this out until the season ends. After a breakup it is imperative to look gorgeous at all times...never know when you might run into the EX, lol.

Tia was a beautiful bride.

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