Product Reviews: RoC Daily Microderm Disks


Hey pretty people!!!!

I grabbed the RoC Daily Microdermabrasion Cleansing Disks purely by accident two weeks ago in CVS. I was there for light bulbs and paper towels but the call of the beauty products was too loud to ignore. Honestly the day I go to a drugstore and don't peruse the beauty aisle someone better take my temperature. Okay back to the product. I love these disks. They give a great exfoliating clean without any residue left behind. The crystal side feels very gentle, it's not overly abrasive or harsh as long as you use a gentle hand. The conditioning side is padded and filled with skin softening moisturizer that rinses away easily. I've used two disks already and I liked the way my face felt and looked afterwards. The product claims to be for daily use but my skin tends to be a little sensitive, so once a week is plenty. I'll give an updated review in a month.


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