Building A Handbag Collection


Bags and purses are my obsession, I have too many to count and I'm always buying another purse or tote. My friends usually wait for me to clean out my closet and get rid of bags I no longer carry as much. I take very good care of my bags and many of them are over five years old but are still in great condition.

I have a friend who carries the same black bag for every life situation. I told her she needs to start a bag collection of at least four more bags. So this post is dedicated to you, bag lady, lol!

The Clutch - Your cute night out bag. A clutch purse can be as ornate or plain as you need. I prefer one in patent leather or sparkly metallic.

The basic black leather purse - If you're going to have an everyday purse make it a black one so ink marks and other stains won't show. Your everyday bag should be a good quality leather that is within your price range and can hold the basic items (keys, cell phone, wallet, hand cream, mints, pen, small notepad, tissues, etc).

A bag that adds a pop of color - A bag in a bright color is a great way to spice up a neutral ensemble.

The work and weekend tote - If you're like me, you carry a lot of stuff back and forth to work (iPod, makeup bag, laptop, book, magazine, change of shoes, lunch, and bottled water, etc) On the weekend as you're shopping and running errands you need a place to store your items as you trek here and there. A sturdy and stylish tote is a must have for work and the weekend.


Hannah from Maxwell Scott Bags said...

Nice post! A handbag collection is great, however there is no need to buy hundreds, rather invest in a few good quality bags that will last a lifetime!
Browns, creams and blacks are the best colours as they look good with any outfit! When purchasing bags look for ones that have a long or lifetime guarantee so you know you are getting quality for your money! Ciao!

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