Gimme A Break!!!!


Goodness Gracious, life is hectic. Work is busy, I'm getting ready to move to a new apartment, I have new chairs coming, the personal life is outta whack, and did I mention work is busy???

I need to be in that hammock to the left reading a magazine and listening to Keyshia Cole's CD "Just Like You" on repeat (going through some man thangs ya'll and this music is soothing a slightly broken heart).

I have a slew of recently purchased products to review. I promise I'll post the reviews soon.

In the meantime, here's a bulleted list of what I'm into now:

  • Spring fashion - Yay yellow is still "in" but even if the magazines said it was out I would still wear the color as I'm no slave to trends. Yellow is a happy color and I'm all about happy these days.

  • Improving my kitchen game - How cool is Food Network's newest show, Down Home with the Neelys??? I watch it every Saturday and want to try just about all their recipes. The Neelys are such a warm and fun loving couple. Catch the show when you get a chance!

  • Thursday nights...Lipstick Jungle. Why do I wish I could jump through the TV and snatch these ladies bags and shoes???? The fashion on that show is enough to make a fashionista cry.

  • Discipline - Janet's tenth studio album dropped on February 26th. Great, fun music. It's Miss Janet at her best. And yes I'm her biggest fan, lol!

  • Victoria Beckham, the author - For my birthday this year, my friend gave me "That Extra Half An Inch".

  • Getting a mani/pedi this weekend. Yoga-Ta Get This Blue for the hands (I have to try a blue mani just once, lol) and something neutral for the tootsies :)

Alright people...shows over! LOL! I'll be back soon. Take care :D


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