I'm A Hardware Handbag Girl


After reading Allie from Wardrobe Oxygen's review of Hardware Handbags, I wanted to check one out for myself. I'm always searching for the perfect tote bag that will meet the demands of a work week and be able to function on the weekends. Taking advantage of Hardware's recent winter clearance sale, I ordered a Khaki/Black Shopper (see below).

My bag arrived at work today and I immediately took the items out of my old unfunctional bag and placed them inside my Shopper. The fact that the bag stands upright is a MAJOR plus. I despise when a bag flops to the side and all your items shift around. I'll share my thoughts after I've given the bag a few weeks of use. I'm praying that my search for the perfect bag is over...Wish me luck!!!


Allie said...

Oh I hope you like it as much as I do! :)

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