Is Your Shoe Collection Boring?


My good friend sent me an urgent text message yesterday, "Just realized all my shoes r blk or brwn...not good. HELP. ME."

She has crossed over into that dangerous territory that leads to owning a boring shoe collection. If she's not careful, she'll be shoe shopping with her grandmother. White Mountain anyone??? LOL!

Shoes are a great way to add a little flair to your outfits. Yesterday, I wore charcoal gray slacks, a white button down shirt, cropped black cardigan, and a pair of paiseley print flats. The paisely print was a mix of emerald green, yellow, and purple. I like a creative shoe and my rule is to always get at least one off color, slightly funky pair of shoes for every neutral pair I purchase.

If you're finding yourself in a shoe rut like my dear friend, put yourself on a restriction. Do not purchase another pair of black, brown, or navy shoes until you have at least two pairs of creative shoes in your collection. Here are three pair I found online to motivate you:

Left to right:
Martinez Valero 'Jaxy' Flat, GUESS? 'Lovely' , Sam Edelman 'Carmen',

The green pair in the middle would look great with a grey sweater dress I have. I always pair it with dark rinse bootcut jeans. Hmmm...may have to order these.

Happy Shoe Shopping! Let me know what funky styles you find.

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