A Life Of Style’s New Feature: A Man Of Style


When I see a man who has style, I admit that I let my eyes linger a little, taking him all in, admiring his outfit and shoes, noticing how clean his nails are, and how good he smells. I appreciate an attractive man who is poised, groomed, and well dressed.

I have dated my share of very cute Non-Fashion Boys and it always drove me crazy. My ex, also known as Señor Sneaker Pimp, boasted a collection of seventy pairs of gym shoes and Tims, but he didn’t own a suit! I hated his sportswear anytime, anyplace wardrobe.

Men have a reputation for their lack of fashion savvy and most of them have earned it quite honestly. Would it kill some of these guys to pick up an issue of GQ or Men’s Vogue? Or here’s a great suggestion, when your girlfriend buys you clothes…WEAR THEM.

In an effort to put a spotlight on the men who get it right, A Man Of Style is here. Stay Tuned!!!

These are a few images taken from Sean John's show at Fashion Week.
I love these looks!!!


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