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My fellow blogger, ChiTown Fashionista, posted this picture on her blog yesterday. The picture of six African American women (Howard University students) was taken by famed photographer, Addison Scurlock. I just had to share this with you guys.

EVERYTHING about this picture is talking to me. In a past life, I imagine I lived during this period of time because I've always loved cloche hats, pearls, broaches, dainty gloves, and having a fox (faux) stole has been my lifelong dream. Everyone looks so elegant and they're at a college football game! I wish dressing up like this was still in style. I wonder what the ladies were gabbing about as they intently watched the game... Cute players? Debating on what to wear to the dance later that evening?

This picture has given me some much needed style inspiration because I love to dress up but I rarely do anymore. Its okay to get a little jazzy with your attire even if the occasion really doesn't warrant such fancy threads. Stand out among the rest and own that style moment.

What do you think of the picture?

For more information:


Addison Scurlock Exhibit

Addison Scurlock Article

picture courtesy of Black History Album


chi-town fashionista said...

As you already know, I LOVE picture! LOL.

I, too, have been wanting a fur stole. I was just scouring the market for a vintage one. We will get ours one of these days. Then will have to have a night out on the town. :-)

yummy411 said...

omg thanks for posting this! i feel so much pride and history as a native washingtonian ;) i long for the days when men will wear hats to go out again.. ahhh! what an era!

arr1216 said...

I so wish we could go back to the days of lady-like dressing. My parents talk about dressing up to go to football games and such back in the day. To me this is a lost art, but I hope that a few fashionistas can begin to bring it back!

birthday à la mode said...

I always say that I wish lived in or was born in another time. I'm a photography stalker and absolutely LOVE Addison Scurlock so that picture speaks to me too. Hopefully the future of fashion will come full circle and give us a taste of those times.

Kim @ A Life of Style said...

@Chi-town Fashionista My mom told me my great grandmother had a fox stole. Her daughters (my great aunts) threw it away after she passed :(

@Yummy411 You're welcome. I totally agree w/ you about men wearing hats again.

@Arr1216 I plan to do a lot more dressing up when this cold weather breaks. I've been wearing my "pearl" necklace a lot more ;)

@Birthday A La Mode I am obsessed w/ fashion, music, art, and books from the past. I love looking at pics of my great aunts and uncles dressed up heading to dances and their club meetings.

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