Haute Bag Lady Bag of The Week


From the classic Burberry print to the patent leather handles and trim, this is an all around chic tote. I have a really cute outfit in mind that would go perfectly with this bag. I especially like the attached small zippered case to hold loose change, bus and train passes, candy, and other random items that end up lining the bottom of our bags.

I love a well made tote that is both stylish and functional. I think the Burberry Nova Check Tote Bag is a perfect representation of both. My life is carried around in my bag and I need it to look good, hold its shape, and be prepared to get used... A lot!

The Nova Check tote retails for $595.

What do you think of this week's bag?


Anonymous said...

i love it! i've been wanting a burberry bag for some time now. hopefully when i get a job it'll happen for me.

have a great week

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