My New (Simple) Skin Care Regimen


Nothing annoys me more than the fact that I am well past my teen years and still suffer from the occasional breakout. I have tried to maintain my stress as best as I can but it hasn't been easy. Unfortunately, whatever I am going through acts out on my face. The past few months the breakouts have been crazy. Nothing I have tried has worked so I had to schedule an appointment with my dermatologist. I took all the products I had been using on my face and subjected myself to her gentle scolding.

My derm informed me that I was using way too much on my face and was probably making the situation worse. She suggested that I stop using all the cleansers and of course told me Cetaphil was the only cleanser I needed. Honestly, Cetaphil just doesn't cut it for my skin anymore. She prescribed Tretinoin Cream and a 60 day oral antibiotic, Doxycycline.
I tweaked the regimen a little, I know, I know, I should follow doctor's orders but I know that Cetaphil does nothing for my skin. It doesn't clean particularly well. While looking for a gentle cleanser with zero bells, whistles, and empty promises, I decided on Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash. I've been on this regimen for almost two weeks. I'll let you guys know how its working for me in a few weeks.

What's your current skin care routine? I'd love to know so please leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

my skin too has been acting up! at the moment I'm using tea tree oil soap or aveeno soy cleanser, followed by a natural mix that I feel is really helping: aloe vera juice, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil. I mix a little of that in my hand and slather on after washing :)

Kendra said...

Dove bars have always been the best thing for my skin. Whenever I try something new it seems to be okay then fails. I tried Cetaphil but it was a fail. I also use Proactiv lotion to keep the breakouts away. I use Oil of Olay to moisturize.

Trendy Socialite said...

I'm currently doing the Oil Cleansing Method with Oil of Olay Blemish Cleanser.

The Oil Cleansing Method has helped deep clean and it also helped keep my skin properly moisturized and balanced (I suffer from combination skin something terrible). I use a combo of olive, castor, vitamin E oils with Grapfruit aromatherapy oil for fragrance. I put it on before the shower for a sorta "hot oil steam facial" then I wash w/ Oil of Olay. I've been using a ACV & Green Tea toner for about a week and I moisturize with Ambi or Oil of Olay (whichever I have at the time).

Kim @ A Life of Style said...

@Socialitedreams I may have to try your natural mix down the line. Love tea tree oil soap too. It really does calm the breakouts.

@Kendra I don't get the Cetaphil hype at all.

@TrendySocialite How is the Oil Cleansing Method working for you?

TrendySocialite said...

Oil cleansing has been very cool for me. It balances my skin out more than any other cleanser. Also calms breakouts and diminishes the look of hyper pigmentation.

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