I'm a Bag Balm Believer Baby


Bag. Balm. Not exactly words that would have you anxious to grab the huge green tin off the drugstore shelf. I've seen Bag Balm for years at various stores and always turned my nose up at it, as I reached for some other heavy duty moisturizer.

For whatever reason the heavy duty moisturizers I normally use on my heels have all turned against my tootsies.

After a week of use, I'm a Bag Balm believer! This ointment is amazing!! My heels have never been smoother (not that they were rough to begin with, can't have the world thinking I have gross feet, lol). Wearing thick wool socks and heavy boots during the winter takes all the moisture out of your feet, but Bag Balm is some kind of wonderful. I slather it on after showering and slip into white socks and wake up to perfectly smooth soft heels. I've even started wearing a light layer of the balm during the day. It really has helped a lot.

I won't lie, the pungent medicinal scent didn't exactly woo me, but now I hardly notice the smell. Bag Balm will be a staple in my winter skin care kit going forward.


Anonymous said...

hi kim...

i'll have to try this bag balm thingy. my heels could probably need some of this in this time of weather. hope the smell is not too bad though, but i'll give it a try when i find it.


arr1216 said...

Cool!! I may have to check this out sometime...I'm a Shea Butter head myself!

Kim @ A Life of Style said...

I'm telling you Bag Balm is it! I love this stuff. During my last pedi the lady didn't even have to use that irritating pumice. Smoooooooth heels like a baby's bum, lol

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