A Life of Style: No Chip Manicure


Last Saturday I got a No Chip Manicure. This was my first time trying it and so far so good. No chipped polish and no polish fading.

Since it was my first time getting this type of mani, I chose a neutral shade of pink.
I learned about the No Chip Manicure a while ago in a Daily Candy newsletter.

What I liked best is that I didn't have to wait for my nalis to dry. The UVA lamp dried them in a flash. I was able to dig in my bag for my wallet as soon as the last coat of gel dried. I'm notoriously impatient and hate sitting in the nail salon waiting for my nails dry so being able to walk right out was a MAJOR plus for me.
Regular manicures are $15 to $25 at most salons but the no chip mani is a little more expensive.
Honestly I tend to get bored with my polish color after a few days which is why I get manicures every week, but I'll ride this out for the next couple of weeks.


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