A Life of Style: Halle by Halle Berry


Halle Berry has always seemed like she would be the cool, stylish friend everyone has. I've been wearing her new signature fragrance, Halle, and I'm very happy with the latest celebrity scent.

The fragrance notes according to the website are:

Head: Sicilian Bergamot, Fig leaves, Pear blossom

Heart: Freesia petals, Hibiscus flower, Ultra mimosa

Base: Sandalwood, Driftwood, Cashmere Musk, Olibanium Absolute, Sensual Amber

There's a lot going on in the bottle but it all blends together perfectly. Halle is a great fragrance. It smells like nothing else on the market right now. Miss Berry created a truly one of a kind fragrance. It's light yet musky and very feminine. I'm always a little leary of musk fragrances in the spring/summer, but there are no worries here. In my opinion, Halle is a year round scent.

Halle can be purchased at JC Penney, Kohls, Sears, Target, and Wal Mart.

For more information:

Halle Berry Fragrances


Jennifer Kahil said...

I first read about Halle's fragrance in an article where she was saying great things about a hair product called Mixed Chicks. Well, that stuff is great. Then, today, I found Halle's new scent in CVS...Wow...it smells incredible. Thank you Halle Berry

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