A Life of Style: Close, Gap's New Fragrance


Yesterday I went to scour the sales racks and take advantage of the additional 25% off at Gap.

There were samples of Close, the new signature fragrance for women throughout the store and the cashier tossed several in my bag. I had really high hopes for Close and couldn't wait to test it.

Close has the following notes:
Top: sparkling watery nuances, salty citrus cocktail accord, and fresh almond blossom.
Middle: spring freesia, jasmine petals, daphne, and heliotrope.
Dry: creamy sandalwood, musk, vanilla nuances, and a touch of amber.

And it is described as a citrus-floral aroma, that balances watery notes against a hint of musk. The result, a perfectly blended scent that's light and wearable.

So, I spritzed Close on today. I sniffed. It was an extremely light scent. If the essence of ethereal could be bottled then Close would be the perfect fit. It's such a delicate fragrance.

The dry down was barely noticeable. I asked my friend what he thought of Close. I extended my wrist. He told me he didn't smell anything. He smelled my neck also and asked if I was sure I put anything on. I sniffed my wrist and could barely smell anything. I'm all for a clean and fresh scent but when the promised dry down is sandalwood, musk, vanilla, and a bit of amber, I expect a little more as those are all significant scents that can be easily detected.

I prefer a scent that has a little kick to it. Close was just okay for me. I don't love it, I don't hate it, but it's just not me.

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