ALOS @ the Movies: Obsessed


Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not the biggest Beyonce Knowles fan. I like some of her music but the worldwide love affair with her, I really don't get. As a vocalist, I think she's an okay singer. She's definitely not a great singer. I save the description of a great singer for the likes of Whitney Houston, Jazmine Sullivan, Jill Scott, and Chrisette Michele. You guys get the point.

Well I went to see Obsessed mainly because I'll go see anything Idris Elba is in. That man is beyond sexy. I would sit through two hours of him reading the dictionary out loud. Obsessed opened in theaters last Friday. When I checked online for reviews of Obsessed, I found there were none. Movie critics were not given the opportunity to preview the movie which I believe contributed to the number one rating. I wonder who decided to not allow the critics a sneak preview? Very. Shady. I don't always agree with the critic's review but I do like reading them just to get their thoughts.

So $17.00 was shelled out for Obsessed this afternoon. This movie was beyond boring. The plot was not developed enough, there was no background story on Ali Larter's character. Why did she become so obsessed with her boss? Idris Elba's character did nothing in my opinion to lead her on for her to become so hell bent on having him.

The movie was so utterly predictable. I can't even understand who thought this story was even necessary. Between Fatal Attraction and various Lifetime movies we've seen it a thousand times over.

I spent much of the movie texting my friends and getting extremely annoyed with each scene. Beyonce's acting wasn't that bad but the tired cliches and the people in the theater calling out what they thought was going to happen next (they were right by the way) made this a waste of my afternoon. The much talked about fight scene between Beyonce and Ali was also boring.

I really wish we had skipped this movie as my friend was quite annoyed and I had to buy him a $3.75 box of Buncha Crunch to keep his mouth shut.

Obsessed was a major thumbs down.


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