Update on The Dilemma: My Fall 2010 Bag


After much debate and browsing I chose my fall bag Monday night. Actually the bag chose me...

My new baby: Coach Kristin Hobo - please ignore my messy desk, work is busy

Monday after work I went to Nordstrom to exchange a blouse and I decided to take a peek at the handbags. There was a table of reduced bags with two of the Kristin hobos among the selection. The bags did not appear to be marked down so I asked an associate to scan it for me. Hang on to your hats kids, this is where it gets interesting...

The bag was $100 off  of the original price of $298. Score!!!! Besides the price being to good to pass up, the bag met the rest of my criteria: the option to carry across the body, roomy, and any color but black.  I promptly whipped out my debit card and made my purchase! After two days of carrying my new bag, I am quite pleased. The leather is lightweight but very sturdy and I have received a lot of compliments about the color, aubergine (isn't that fancy?) Say it a few times, aubergine, aubergine. See? Now don't you feel just a little bit fancier? LOL!!

Well I have to get back to work! Ciao!!


Amanda Allison said...

I'm not a big fan of Coach bags, but this is nice. I LOVE the color. It looks so soft, too.

Literary Marie said...

Love the color and style!

Cute new blog design by the way.

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