The Humidity Wars {Drugstore Gem Product Review}


As many of you may know, Chicago is either colder than Antarctica or hotter than the lowest level of hell. The humidity here can be ridiculous and your hairstyle will not survive it. You'll leave home with bouncy curls but end up with a flat stringy mop on your head.

Yesterday I styled my hair all cute but in my hurry forgot to protect it. By the time I left work, the humidity was thick and in full force. I walked two blocks and my hair was DOA. Of course the rain came and it got even hotter. When I made it home, I screamed when I saw my hair. Yes it was that awful. I grabbed my can of Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray and placed it on the shelf so I wouldn't forget it this week even if I was rushing. In my opinion, this hairspray works very well.

I typically style my hair with 2 to 4 self holding rollers in my crown so I can have some volume in that area and use a flat iron to bend the rest of my hair. Then I finger comb it for a slightly tousled look and spray it on the days that I know it will be humid. The Sleek & Shine formula does what it says, it gives my hair a nice shine and doesn't dry it out. My hair can also be restyled if I choose to do so. The hold isn't hard or heavy despite being labeld as Ultra Strong 4 and it leaves no flakes. Best of all it repels the humidity.
I purchased the hairspray at my local CVS for $3.99. A major drugstore gem!!

I highly suggest it for combatting this summer's humidity wars!


Tamar said...

I need to try this. I'm now rocking my natural hair which I normally hide under weave so I don't have to deal with Houston heat. I can't stand frizzy and lifeless hair! I will let you know!

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