Fuerza Bruta {Look Up!!}


I was invited to the Fuerza Bruta Blogger Bash on Wednesday and I was completely (and sometimes literally)blown away by the nonstop action, pulsating beats, and windstorms.

Fuerza Bruta isn’t just a performance, it’s an experience and a mind trip. Honestly whatever you take from it - is what it is. I saw social rebellion and self expression come to life in the form of rhythmic anarchy. To someone else, Fuerza Bruta may just have been a nonstop party. The great thing is both points of view are right. Here’s a quote from the program:

The language is abstract, each one thinks what they want. Absolutely abstract. Since the creation, no one knows the meaning of the work, because it doesn’t have one.”

I guarantee you have never seen anything like Fuerza Bruta. After checking Broadway in Chicago’s website and reading that I’d be standing for the 65 minute show, my eyebrow raised a little bit but my curiosity was definitely piqued. I slipped my flats on and met my good friend at the theatre.

The audience stands on the stage during the entire show. Upon arriving we tried to find the best spot to stand because there’s a height issue for me (I’m just barely 5’3” in flats). I wasn’t sure where to position myself to best see anything and it didn’t matter much anyway because everyone standing in front of me was blocking what little view I managed to find.

We were told to turn the flashes on our cameras off before the show began. The ushers were on stage directing the audience on where to stand during the various scenes. Thank goodness my friend is like 5’10”  she played cameraman (Thanks V).

I can’t begin to explain the show to you guys so please enjoy the pics and the video below. If you’re in Chicago, I HIGHLY recommend seeing Fuerza Bruta.

CIMG0436 CIMG0437

CIMG0439 CIMG0441



CIMG0446 CIMG0447








CIMG0515 CIMG0516




For more information:

Fuerza Bruta Official Website

Broadway in Chicago


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