A style rule to make you go hmmmm...


I was reading the latest issue of Marie Claire while in a very long line at Starbucks this morning when the following statement caused me to make the WTH face (ya'll know what I'm talking about, lol).

"Grunge up a polished look with a kid's sweatshirt." Lisa Mayock (One half of Vena Cava) page 38, Marie Claire/July 2008

Okay I'm all for making your own style rules and creating a look but Lisa Mayock's style rule was a little out there.

How many adult women can fit into a kid's sweatshirt? Why would anyone want to grunge up a polished look? When does such an occasion even call for one to have to grunge up a polished look? This style rule leaves too many unanswered questions and it sounds difficult to pull it off.

The image that popped in my mind after reading her tip was pure comedy. Go ahead. Take a few moments and visualize a polished look, now add a kid's sweatshirt to the mix. Yeah. Exactly. Don't try this at home folks.


Elle, Author of Label Ho said...

LOL, I have that issue!!! I know exactly what you're talking about.

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