I Finally Saw It!!!!!!!!!!


Yesterday afternoon I went to the movies and finally saw Sex and the City. The movie was sooooooo good. I laughed, I cried, and I drooled over the fashion.

Fellow Chicagoan Jennifer Hudson dazzled as Louise. She was just what Carrie needed at the most critical time in her life. Go J-Hud!!!!

After the movie, I went to Borders to buy the book, Sex and the City: The Movie. I have gone completely SATC crazy. I have the soundtrack, the book, and two T-shirts from Steve and Barry's. I'm also looking for a couple of items that were featured in the movie as well as waiting on part two of the soundtrack. There were two songs featured in the movie that are not on the current soundtrack; Ciara's Click Fash which was playing as Carrie modeled designer wedding gowns and 2nite by Janet Jackson which was playing when Carrie and Big made the grand entrance to their engagement party.

Of course, I plan to see the movie again and I will own the DVD when it comes out.

Before I forget, if anyone is looking for Louise's "Love" keychain, I found it! Click here


yummy411 said...

i still have not seen this movie! i lost interest after the hype died down, but a part of me still wants to go =(

Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

kim- I'm SATC crazy too!! I collect all the magazines that have anything about the movie, I have soundtrack and I going to get those T-shirts!! I was looking for click-flash by Ciara on the soundtrack too. But I heard it on the YBF blog, too.

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