Avon Revisited: The Good & Not So Good


It has been about eight years since I ordered anything from Avon. I became interested in other brands and some of Avon's products were kind of blah to me when compared to MAC, Clinique, and Nars. Out of the blue last month I ordered a few products along with my coworker.
The Good:
Flower by Cynthia Rowley is a pretty fragrance in a cute bottle. I took a big risk ordering a fragrance I had never smelled. The bottle reminded me of an Easter basket purse I had when I was about six years old. Maybe I was trying to recapture my youth because I was crazy about that purse, lol. Surprisingly, the scent isn't overly floral at all. The notes are citrus, violet leaves, freesia, Casablanca lily, vanilla, velvet woods, and sandalwood.
Nail Experts Nail Brightner does exactly what it is supposed to do...brighten your nails. After ruining my most recent manicure opening mail and rearranging the books on my bookshelf, I used the nail brightener and was pleased with the results. My nails had a pretty glow and looked very fresh. This is a great product to use in between manicures.
The Not So Good:
The Glazewear Liquid Lip Color did nothing for me. They are drying and have no shine. This is more of a liquid lipstick with an almost cakey feel. I didn't like the way it felt on my lips at all. Darling Pink was the best of the three I bought and that isn't saying much. Chic Mauve is a soft lilac shade that was beyond blah. Brown Sugar was not cute at all and someone needs to go back to the drawing board because brown sugar doesn't have an orange tint. This shade had a burnt orange tone to it. I'm so mad that these didn't work.
My recent Avon experience was okay so I'm open to trying some other products but they really should consider revamping that Glazewear formula.


Elle, Author of Label Ho said...

Great post!

Mischo Beauty said...

I haven't ordered from Avon in ages! LOL! And it's probably because I'm not currently working with someone who sells it...on another note- Cynthia Rowley seems to be everywhere these days! My friend just told me she has dishes and shower accessories at Target! LOL!

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