My Perfect Jeans


Like most women I have a very hard time finding jeans to fit my body. I think I have it worse than most though. For starters, I'm 5'3", I have a short waist which makes my legs appear longer, and to top it all off I'm really thin. My pants size ranges from zero to two depending on the store. Oh...I failed to mention I've got a tiny caboose.

There's no video girl booty going on over here...I must have been soomewhere sleeping when derrieres were being passed out. But alas, I'm happy in my skin. This is the way God made me and he doesn't make mistakes. The same cannot be said of denim manufacturers which is why women devote entire shopping trips to just trying on jeans.

I can't jump on every denim trend. As of today, I have yet to purchase a pair of skinny jeans. I tried a pair on and honestly, my legs looked like two drinking straws...not cute. I have a list of requirements that I need a pair of jeans to meet in order for me to feel that I'm looking my best. My perfect jeans have to be low rise, boot cut, a dark rinse, and they can't be loose in the thigh area.

When I find a perfect pair of jeans, I tend to buy multiple pairs. The Old Navy Boot Cut Diva Jean is my current perfect jean. They fit me like a glove. When I tried ON jeans a few years ago, I hated them. The fit was awful, they were too short, and they looked cheap. So glad that they revamped their denim line. I am now the proud owner of four pairs of ON Diva Jeans. The only flaw in the jeans is the length. The regular length was a lot shorter on me than I wanted and the long was the perfect length. The major plus is the price, $30!!!!! That's what's up.
Have you found your perfect pair of jeans? What are they?


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