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Last Sunday I was treated to a 90 minute deep tissue massage at Spa Chakra. I will admit that I have never had a massage, in a spa setting that is (*Giggles* Oh behave!). The thought of a stranger touching me just wasn’t that appealing no matter how relaxed I would feel afterwards. This is a new year and I promised to take better care of myself. I tend to be tightly wound, always balancing a million things, and stressed out more than I should so I knew I was long overdue for a massage.

Upon entering Spa Chakra I was amazed at the serene atmosphere. I was promptly greeted and offered a seat and brought a glass of water. I sat down in the plush black chair and forced myself to take it all in. The apprehension I felt began to melt away. The young lady behind the desk asked me a series of questions to make sure my massage would meet my needs. She wanted to know if I wanted to feel relaxed or invigorated and she allowed me to pick out a special fragrance that would be added to the massage oils. I think I chose mandarin.

My masseuse, Cordelia, came out a few minutes later to show me to my room and we passed through the Guerlain (swoon) Beauty Bar. I wanted to stop and play but I dutifully followed along. All treatments at Spa Chakra begin with a relaxing foot soak.

foot soak
The foot soak

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After my foot soak, I returned to my room to get ready for my spa service. The room was so peaceful that I wanted to bottle the vibe and carry it home. Cordelia was so sweet. I told her my hesitation about having a massage and she put my mind at ease. She had a very gentle spirit and I felt comfortable talking with her. Ninety minutes later and I was a massage believer! Why had I waited so long to have a massage again???? Can I book another one now???? Cordelia worked out all my kinks and told me that she recommends I continue getting massages and really learn to unwind. That was the most relaxed I had felt in a very long time. I will definitely be back! As a person who has a hard time relaxing, I truly enjoyed myself  and realize I sometimes take myself way too seriously. This was a wakeup call that I really need to let my hair down a lot more and stop stressing things I have no control over. Yes. I got all that from a 90 minute massage. Ha!

The Guerlain Beauty Bar:
IMG00247-20100711-1429IMG00243-20100711-1429 IMG00244-20100711-1429  IMG00252-20100711-1431 IMG00251-20100711-1430 IMG00246-20100711-1429
IMG00245-20100711-1429  IMG00249-20100711-1430

I was invited to experiment with all the makeup but I was so mellowed out that I just really wanted to go home and relax. You better believe that next time, I'll be all over the beauty bar.

Spa Chakra is located within the Palmer House Hilton. For more information click here.

The Stylish Life Disclosure: This was a complimentary spa service. I was not paid for a favorable review of Spa Chakra. This is an accurate and honest review of my spa experience.


ChiTown Fashionista said...

Oh my. I will definitely pay them a visit. Then maybe book a room at the Palmer House seeing as that I usually feel like a lazy bum after a massage.

Mischo Beauty said...

Kim!!!!!!! OMG. Sounds like heaven. I'm a believer in massages. I hope you continue with them. :)

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