MaxMara Fall/Winter 2010 Ads


Now that the August magazines are hitting the news stands and appearing in our mailboxes, we are reminded that fall is just around the corner. The new ad campaigns will be featured in the August and September issues.

This week I will post my favorite brands and their Fall/Winter 2010 ads.


Model: Freja Beha Erichsen
Photographer: Mario Sorrenti

MaxMaraFreja201AdCampaign2 - Copy MaxMaraFreja201AdCampaign2 MaxMaraFreja201AdCampaign4 - Copy MaxMaraFreja201AdCampaign4 MaxMaraFreja201AdCampaign8 MaxMaraFreja201AdCampaign9 MaxMaraFreja201AdCampaign10

I love that MaxMara is using black and white photos. There’s a whole 'I'm cooler than you' feel to these images and Freja’s aloof expression fits right in with the the sophistication of each piece. The 2009 ads used a color palette of camel, black, and dark brown, shot against a plush red couch. This year the company went for a more sleek look. I like.

The big bags, the coats, and the dress are all chanting my name. I despise cold weather but these classic pieces are giving me tons of inspiration for the change of season.

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