A Life of Style: VIP Access for Victoria's Secret PINK NATION


Victoria’s Secret PINK is launching “PINK Nation”, an exclusive club where members receive free gifts, exclusive offers, special access and the inside scoop on everything PINK.

**For some reason the link is not working here. Please copy and past the following URL in a new window: www.vspink.com/pinknation**
The website hasn’t nationally launched but there's VIP access for A Life of Style readers. From now until March 10th, everyone who joins PINK Nation will receive a FREE tote (no purchase required) and $10 off a $35 purchase. This offer will not be available once the site goes national. So sign up now!!!!


DIVAme*E said...

ooo nice, thanks!

The Home Spa Goddess said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm signing up now:)

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