A Life of Style: The $1.00 Non-Beauty/Fashion Deal I Got Today


I love when I stumble upon a deal!!!! Today while I was at CVS, I saw two huge bins of these HMDX Sprockets. There was no price on them but I assumed they were on some type of markdown. They were $1. I bought five of them to keep in my gift box (you never know when you may have to put together a last minute gift bag for someone). Whenever I come across a deal like this I grab a few to add to my gift box.

I hooked my iPod up to it when I got home. The sound quality is great!!!! I'm giving one to my friend who likes to play jazz and classical music for her three year old daughter at bedtime. She's going to love this!

Run to your CVS and see if they have these on clearance.

Click here for more information about the Sprocket


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