A Life of Style: Jewelry


This post is dedicated to a good friend who has her heart set on a very expensive 1 carat diamond pendant necklace which even on sale is totally out of her budget. She's prepared to go on a diet of Ramen Noodles and cereal in order to afford the necklace. Her goal is to make it her signature accessory. As crazy as the economy is, luxury purchases should be placed on the back burner until things turn around.

In an attempt to save my friend from a college undergrad diet, I found a few classic alternatives that are a little more wallet friendly:

QVC Diamonique 14k Gold 1ct Princess Cut Solitaire - $53.25

Return to Tiffany Round Tag Pendant in Sterling Silver - $100

Overstock 10k White Gold Diamond Double-heart Necklace - $89.99


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