A Life of Style: First Lady in Curls & Kai Milla


First Lady Michelle Obama looked stunning last night at an In Performance at the White House event honoring the legendary Stevie Wonder.

Mrs. Obama wore a silk emerald green dress by designer
Kai Milla, Stevie Wonder's wife.

The dress...gorgeous.

The hair...fabulous.

The makeup...flawless.

The shoes...too cute!!!!

Stevie Wonder, In Performance at the White House

Kai Milla

pics courtesy of Getty Images


BVB said...

Oh wow! That's our first lady looking flyy like that!!!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

Her hair was gorgeous!!! OMG!!!

I loved that dress.The color was great on her but I thought the umpire waist was too high on her since she looks long torso'd. It could've came down just little bit. But I love Kai Milla designs!

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