The Dyson Technology Experience: Keep Cool In Style!


I was invited to the Dyson Technology Experience this weekend at the Gold Coast Art Fair in Grant Park. I was not about to miss an opportunity to check out the Air Multiplier™ fans and see if a bladeless fan could truly deliver a nice cool breeze.

Look Ma, No Blades!!!

By Saturday afternoon, the weather had already reached the upper 80s with a steadily rising heat index. The sun was scorching and don’t even get me started on the humidity!

When I got to Grant Park, I could not find the Dyson demonstration quick enough. As I entered the Dyson tent, I was met by a blast of cool air from one of the pedestal fans. I walked around to see the other models and was surprised by how cool it was inside the tent.

As everyone knows, traditional fans do nothing more than blow the hot air around but this was not the case with the Air Multiplier™. It was as if there was a cooling system built within. I spoke with one of the reps who explained how the fans work. The bladeless Air Multiplier™ draws air in through a mixed flow impeller – a combination of the technologies used in turbochargers and jet engines.

Pretty impressive! Everyone inside the tent was excited about the fans. One little girl asked her dad if the fans were magic. Don’t you just love the questions kids ask? Another small child had a curious look on her face as she slowly raised her hand to feel the air. I could tell she wanted to stick her hand in the Air Multiplier™ but was afraid to do so. One of the friendly reps assured her the fan was safe as he stuck his hand inside. She followed his lead and looked completely amazed.

If you have small children or pets the Air Multiplier™ would work well in your home and is so worth the investment.

For the summer of 2011, Dyson is continuing to cement its place as the leading technology company in design and development. I definitely think they are an industry leader. The products are like none on the market. The Dyson Technology Experience is a great way to learn more about Dyson products.


Jen S. said...

I've seen those fans, they look so cool! I don't own one but I do have Dyson vacuum....


Green Mountain Realty said...

We love Dyson machines, nothing else seem to have the suction or cleans as well as a Dyson, great post.

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