A Life of Style: What The Pink Slip Fashionista Wore


Soooo.... I have officially been unemployed for one year. I am bored and well past ready to go back to work. Major cubicle withdrawals and missing office camaraderie. I just need someone to HIRE ME but first I need the phone to ring for an interview, but that's another post.

Despite the fact that I'm not working, I still get dressed everyday. Blue jeans have become my everyday go to wardrobe staple. I have over sixty pairs so I can rotate quite often. I find that jeans are very easy to create various looks, just change the top and accessories. Perhaps I've gotten a little lazy with my style - who could blame me? Despite that, I think I manage to look very cute and never frumpy or boring.

Viva la blue jeans!!!

out of work fashonista
out of work fashonista by citydiva19 featuring Gucci bags
'>That's today's outfit. I have some errands to run and I'm meeting a friend for lunch in an hour.


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