A Life of Style: Will Work For Clothes...


As much as I love fashion and the thrill of new clothes, I’m the wrong person to be without a job.
Last December I was downsized and playfully dubbed myself ‘The Pink Slip Fashionista’. My friends call me a shopaholic. I admit I do love to shop. There are not too many stores I can leave without making some kind of purchase. What can I say? Shopping is my sport.

Over the past few months I have indulged in a lot of shopping. The deals at my favorite stores were just too good to pass up. Alas, I've entered month number ten of unemployment. Shopping for clothes has become a long ago past time as I'm forced to monitor my pennies more closely (cue the violins, cry me a river).

All the September issues of my favorite lifestyle and fashion magazines arrived with an overabundance of decadent, must have (can’t afford) fall fashions that did nothing but taunt me. It was enough to send me into a panicked fashion state of emergency. Does FEMA help the fashion starved? Could I lobby for NYFW to adopt me?

I was faced with quite a style dilemma. How can I maintain my personal style with such a limited budget. In an effort to make past seasons pieces current, I had to create a plan. I made a list of the fall trends that I like (see below), then I referred to my wardrobe inventory spreadsheet and my closet to see what I have. Once I finished, I realized I only need to make a few small purchases. Some trends I embraced this season and some I won’t even bother with because they aren't my style.

I'm coveting a leather motorcycle jacket to throw over a ruffled blouse. That’s about as biker chic as I plan to go, but unless a new job is on the horizon within the next few weeks, I will be forced to be a biker babe in my dreams only. Why do I always like the most expensive items???

Fall 2009 Trends I Love:
Metallic & Sequins
Statement necklaces & bold cocktail rings
Floral prints
White shirts
Skinny Jeans & Leggings
Ankle Boot or shootie as Rachel Zoe calls them, lol

The motorcycle jacket I'm in love with:
D&G (Yeah I know...) Lambskin Leather Motorcycle Jacket


The Home Spa Goddess said...

Hey girl,

Sorry abot the job thing- good luck.

Loved this post. I'm shopping for a Fall wardrobe this weekend because I have NOTHING to wear. I'll post a vid on my finds.

Take care:)

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