A Life of Style Product Review: Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shine in Fresh


Can you believe I left the house without lip gloss yesterday? I am as shocked as you all are.

I left my lip gloss on the sink after putting it on, totally forgetting to put it in my makeup bag. When I got to work and reached into my bag I had that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Yes. It is that serious.

Thank the Beauty Gods there's a CVS in the lobby of my office building. I was just looking for something to get me through the day so I grabbed a tube of Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shine in Fresh. I had no expectations or prior knowledge of this product at all. I had a $4 Extra Care bucks coupon and the gloss was $5.99, with tax I paid $2.16 and left CVS glossy and happy =)

When I applied it, I was pleasantly surprised. It's super shiny and not sticky. It feels really nice on my lips too. Although Fresh looks pale pink in the tube, it goes on slightly sheer. I think this is a great gloss to keep in your purse at all times.


yummy411 said...

hmmm i've bought far too many drugstore lip glosses that i'm not ecstatic about, but i may give this a try the next time i need some retail therapy! thanks for the review!

The Home Spa Goddess said...

Ooh! $4 in extra care bucks! And you had them with you!

I have been looking at these for the last month. Thanks for the review. I just never see any colors I want:(

Leeann said...

This looks like a great color that'd lok nice on anyone. I'll have to try it!

P.S. How awesome is that having a CVS in your building?!

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