Happy Birthday Michael!!


Today Michael Jackson would have been 52 years old. I still have a hard time believing he’s gone. His life should be celebrated so I won’t turn this into a sad post. Today I’ll blast his music, dance, laugh at my dreams of marrying him (trust me, I was determined to be Mrs. Michael Jackson, lol!), and remember the fun I had hanging his posters on my bedroom walls.

So Michael wherever you are, I hope you feel the love from all your fans not just today but everyday. Thank you for the amazing larger than life entertainment. Your life and your music were not in vain.
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What’s your absolute favorite Michael Jackson song and memory? Leave your answer in the comments!

It’s really hard for me to pick just one song but I’ll say Another Part Of Me and my favorite memory was during the 1984 Grammy awards when Michael took his sunglasses off.
mjj 80s grammy awards


vonnie said...

lol! taking the sunglasses off for the girls ;) I love that part too.

My favorite song: God that's hard, but at the moment it would "All I Do is Think of You" from '75. Totally gonna be my wedding song!

My favorite memory is from the Private Home Movies video he did for fox. He was practicing his acting for Thriller and running lines with his cousin who was video taping him. The cousin didn't have the camera out wide enough so he was like "what part of me are you filming?" The kid is only filming from like the top of his chest, a nike logo thing and mike looks down, looks at him crazy and goes "what a schmuck, back up!" and it cracks me up :D I love that man

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